Crispy Fried Fish with Pickled Vegetables

Fried Haddock Fish Filet, coated in our authentic blend of spices and herbs and served with tangy pickled vegetables. A much loved Jamaican meal enjoyed  any time of day, as a yummy snack or main meal.
The way we sum up our Fried fish meal is to say, most culture’s have dishes that make them feel warm and comfy on the inside; something memorable, and sentimentally pleasing. Americans have their mac and cheese, fried chicken, and corn bread. Africans have their Jollof Rice, Fufu and Palm Nut Soup. Well for many of us from Jamaica and the Caribbean, we love a nice plate of Tangy Onions and Fried fish. There’s just Something about the spicy pickles vegetables combined with the crunch from the fish that just brings that cozy home feeling right back. It was usually something your Mum would make on a Sunday and on Good Friday, she would make trays full of it. Brothers and sisters would want it everyday. In our book, it is the perfect comfort meal any day of the week.


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