Who Invented Jerk Chicken?

Jerk originates from Jamaica

Jerk is a style of cooking, which is native to Jamaica. It can either be a dried rub fusion, of complex spices. Or a wet marinade of hot spices, herbs and root vegetables, like ginger and garlic which creates the most interesting flavours, unlike any other.


So, who invented Jerk Chicken?
Jerk chicken is known to have been conceived by the Maroon tribe, who introduced their African meat cooking style and techniques to Jamaica. They then combined this styles with Jamaica’s native ingredients and seasonings, which were traditionally used by the Arawak Indians.
NO dry Jerk Chicken EVER!
Dry Jerk chicken is an absolute no-no and is the worst thing that could happen to your scrummy jerk chicken. Nevertheless this is something often produced by unfamiliar cooks. The best Jerk Chicken is always yummy and flavoursome. It is juicy and succulent and the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. To put it plainly there is nothing like Jerk Chicken especially when it has been cooked properly.
The Maroons of Jamaica Embracing Spirituality

The Maroons of Jamaica Embracing Spirituality

Nanny Maroon a picture of beauty

Nanny Maroon a picture of bountiful beauty