Why our Jerk Sauce?
Jerk Centre successfully hits the spot when it comes to upgrading your mealtime. Simply open any of our Sauce, and you’ll get that great Jamaican/Caribbean, cooking, flavour, you’ve always wanted. 
Plus our products are completely natural. There are no preservatives, additives or colouring and it’s suitable for vegans.

Dipping Sauce
In regards to this sauce being used as a condiment, it’s safe to say,  “Don’t leave home without it”! and be proud to shout, “I’ve got hot sauce in my bag Swag”! Additionally street food is elevated to extraordinary heights and standard takeaways, become a Jamaican cook out. 

Marinating Sauce
Marinate meat overnight in our Hot Sauce and it brings a whole new different experience. You’ll achieve instant Authentic Jamaican Jerk cooking in one go. Our sauce requires nothing additional to be added to the pot. You just pour, mix and cook.

Achieve that Jamaican cook out flavour in an instant.

Pimp My Salad
Pimp My Salad Dressing is sweet, yet savoury. It’s mild in regards to heat. Which makes it palatable for everyone, young and old. It boasts unique, zesty, Caribbean flavour, that ramps up your tossed salad and brings Sunshine to your concoction.

Your cooking screams Yesssssss to Jerk Centre.

We have 3 versions of Jerk Sauce

When placing your order you can use our Jerkometer to choose between our “Mild”, “Medium” or Fireball” HEAT. We do urge you to only choose the Fireball if you are a die hard chilli head.

1. Our “MILD” Jerk Sauce contains 2 Scotch bonnets.

2. Our “MEDIUM” Jerk Sauce contains 4 Scotch bonnets.

3. Our HOT Jerk Sauce “Fireball” contains 10 Scotch bonnets.