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Fireball Hot – Badman Sauce


Extra-Hot Chilli Sauce


Gold and Best UK Entry for the category

Judge’s Feedback:

“Amazingly aromatic and full of woody spices on the nose. All spices are superbly balanced and blended. The Scotch Bonnet has been used well, giving depth, flavour and heat. All judges remarked about the considered and balanced use of spices in the sauce. Heat was a fraction low for the category. A very good rendition of a jerk sauce.”

Jerk Centre Pimp My Salad

Pimp My Salad. Honey, Lemon & Chilli Dressing, 5oz

Fireball, Hot Jerk Sauce 150ml

Badman Fireball Hot Jerk Sauce, 5oz

Duppy Conqueror Medium Hot Jerk Sauce

Duppy Conqueror, Medium Hot Jerk Sauce, 5oz

Jerk Centre - Taste From The Ancestors Mild Jerk Sauce

Taste from the Ancestors, Mild Jerk Sauce, 5oz

Jerk Sauce 3 Bottle Set at Jerk Centre

Jerk Sauce 3 Bottle Set

4 bottle Jerk Sauce Set from Jerk Centre

Jerk Centre 4 Bottle Set