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Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Our authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce is unique and utterly delicious. As we only use the finest ingredients you can immediately taste and appreciate the difference to normal main stream brands, One taste of our Jamaican Jerk Sauce instantly leaves a long lasting flavoursome taste on your pallet with a yummy slow growing rich heat of scotch bonnet chilli which tantalises your taste buds. The intrinsic complexity of Caribbean spices, subtly bring in aroma’s of Christmas. Our recipes are rambunctious, full bodied, satisfying and totally unmistakeable. Try our sauces today as a dip or even as a marinade, it will most definitely “lively up your food”.

Honey, Lemon & Chilli Dressing

Add that taste of perfection to your salad

Mild Jerk Sauce

Hands down the most authentic Jerk Sauce you can buy in the UK

Medium Hot Jerk Sauce

Blended beautifully, with a juggernaut of Caribbean flavours.

Fireball Hot Jerk sauce

Heat with flavour. If you like it hot this sauce is a must try

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