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Our Jerk Sauce is authentic, Jamaican, unique and delicious. You can taste the difference in the ingredients: The rich heat and sweet taste of scotch bonnet. The intrinsic complexity of Caribbean spices, subtly bring in aroma’s of Christmas. It is rambunctious, full bodied, satisfying and totally unmistakeable.

Honey, Lemon & Chilli Dressing

Add that taste of perfection to your salad

Mild Jerk Sauce

Hands down the most authentic Jerk Sauce you can buy in the UK

Medium Hot Jerk Sauce

Blended beautifully, with a juggernaut of Caribbean flavours.

Fireball Hot Jerk sauce

Heat with flavour. If you like it hot this sauce is a must try


Fireball Hot – Badman Sauce


Extra-Hot Chilli Sauce


Gold and Best UK Entry for the category

Judge’s Feedback:

“Amazingly aromatic and full of woody spices on the nose. All spices are superbly balanced and blended. The Scotch Bonnet has been used well, giving depth, flavour and heat. All judges remarked about the considered and balanced use of spices in the sauce. Heat was a fraction low for the category. A very good rendition of a jerk sauce.”

“Don’t leave home without it”

Featured recipe

Jerk Jumbo Shrimps

Customer Reviews

4 Bottle Set

Purchased the 4 bottle set. I've had a chance to tried them all now and I've come to realise, I can marinate my chicken in the Taste From The Ancestors MILD Sauce. It's still rather powerful and I couldn't care less, it is gorgeous. However the Duppy Conqueror Medium and Bad Man Extra Hot are both dipping sauces for me. They are far too hot to dowse my food in. Nevertheless all the hot sauce are amazing.

Now on to the Pimp my Salad Dressing, it is my favourite! Why? Because I have it with practically every meal I have. I'm hooked on it and as I'm down to the last of it, I'll definitely be getting another bottle shortly.

Lovely Selection

Thornton Heath

Fantastic. It's like being transported back to my granddad dinner table. I think I must be related to the chef. So nostalgic! I've Introduced it to the family already and they love it too.

Bad Man Sauce Review

Spicy and delicious

The best Jerk Sauce I have ever tasted. Not sweet like every other Jerk. This is the most original Jamaican sauce I have ever had.

Michelle Tominkson

Very Nice

Exceptional Hot Sauce. I'm impressed! I expected heat and hoped for flavour, which is rarely found in Hot Sauce. However this sauce came with beautiful flavour, heat and an authentic Jamaican taste that reminded me of my late grand mother Jerk Cooking. It is delicious.

Mr G Cole


Once you have tried the Jerk Centre Sauce, you you will not want any other Jerk.. It's rich and thick and totally delicious, not thin and pallid like most other brands.

Paul Samson

Jerk Centre Recommended

Impressed with my latest delivery from the Jerk Centre ,expertly packaged and arrived safe and sound. I'm going through the different variations of sauces at the moment and I'm enjoying them all 👍

Tony Jones

Croydon, London


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